The InformPatentPiter Patent Agency (TOR LLC) was established in 1994 to provide Russian and foreign clients with patent and intellectual property services.

Trademarks registration, inventions patenting, utility models and design patents registration, implementation of trade secret regimes are the most effective forms for business reputation and intellectual property assets protection, scientific and technical achievements of the company.

The Patent Agency maintains strong business ties with the Russian Patent Office and foreign patent attorneys.

Anna Pantyukhina is a patent attorney of Russian Federation, a Eurasian Patent Attorney, director of the Patent Agency «InformPatentPiter», she is a certified engineer, economist, lawyer and appraiser.

Patent services

The InformPatentPiter Patent Agency specializes in providing intellectual property services. The services we provide to both domestic and foreign clients cover all stages of intellectual property protection, including:

  • Advice on patentability of trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • Patenting of technical and design solutions,
  • Registration of trademarks, software and databases;
  • Transfer of patent rights;
  • Protection against unfair competition,
  • Copyright protection,
  • Representation in court,
  • Valuation of intellectual property.


A patent is a special document that certifies the owners right for a given invention or utility model.

The patent avoids unauthorized use of the invention by third parties and the infringement of the inventors rights.

The patent for an invention has a special form and is issued by a Patent Office and entered in the appropriate register.

For inventions, exclusive rights are granted for a period of 20 years.

The period of validity of a utility model patent is 10 years from the date of filing the patent application with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS).

Both invention and utility model are recognized as the intellectual property of a creator.

An invention may be granted legal protection, if it corresponds to the following patentability requirements

  • It must be new (not part of any technique, not described elsewhere, not comparable),
  • It must be applicable for practical use in industry, science and technology.

In the Russian Federation, patents are granted by a special agency («Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks»).

In order to obtain a patent, the inventor (or his agent) must submit an application containing a detailed description of the design, claims, drawings and other materials relevant to the design. Prosecution of an invention comprises two steps: a formal examination and a substantive examination.

  • The formal examination is aimed at identifying errors in the description of the invention, the general design of the application documentation.
  •  FIPS then enters in substantive examination. They determine whether the design meets all criteria: novelty, inventive step, applicability in modern industrial practice, search for the presence of similar solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of the device.
  • The search is also made for registered inventions and granted patents, both in the Russian Federation and in the international database of patents.

Our patent service fee for invention or utility model is 140,000 RUB, for design patent 80 000 RUB.


Foreign applicants are required to file trademark applications in Russia through a Russian patent attorney.

A trademark in Russia may contain a verbal, image or a combined element.

The following documents are required for filing a trademark application in Russia:

  • an indication of the full name and registered office of the applicant;
  • qualitative representation of the mark (except for marks in block letters);
  • Classes according to the Nice Classification and the list of goods or services in those classes (it is possible to apply the trademark in several classes).
  • A power of attorney simply signed by the applicant.

Before filing, we recommend doing a preliminary search in a database of registered trademarks of the Russian Federation, including international registrations indicating Russia, and filed applications.

Our attorney fee for conducting preliminary search is 15 000 RUB.  (word trademark, 1 to 5 classes).

The time between filing and registration is approximately 8-10 months. After each stage of examination, we will send you the relevant ROSPATENT decision.

Please note that the service fee for filing a trademark for registration for one class is:  27 000  RUB. Additionally, there are government fees of 10 500 EURO.

Kindly note that the indicated amounts do not cover any additional fees for responses to examination requests, claiming conventional or exhibition priorities, responses to provisional refuses or prosecution costs due to official actions, refusals or opposition.

A trademark certificate is valid for 10 years from the filing date and can be prolonged without limitation.

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